Ish, Erra and Wander, Sounds Travelous. Out of the office and into the roads. Off to the runway and on to the beaches.

Traveling in a budget is no mean feat and the popular backing mode of travel is admirable but far from convenient. As we view it, Vacation, is well a vacation. A time away from the stresses of work and a chance to experience things that you don’t normally do, like drinking coffee on a resort. The keyword is stress, and back packing is really really stressful, from issues with your privacy, airport transfers, layovers and well basically the whole idea of back packing revolves on experiencing the destination rather than a holiday and well, we’re on holiday so pure backpacking is really not our thing but we’re not really gifted with a million dollars to splurge with on our travels.

Just like you, We work day jobs. uhm, night shift jobs with average pay. to put in bluntly, to go on a vacation in the most stress free way our budget can afford and finding an itinerary  that can fit our budget is already an adventure in itself, so more the fun.

From juggling our vacation leaves to fitting our entire stuff under 7 kilograms, we are already having fun and we haven’t left our front doors yet. Well basically the idea is to spend less and get more, bargain hunter traveler, that would be more of an appropriate title and we just want to share our experiences with our travels, as an added bonus to our travel.

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