Singapore is a tropical island city state that is located in the heart of South East Asia. The island city is located at the southern tip of Malaysia and shares the border with Johor Bahru to its North and Indonesia to the South. Singapore is a diverse country in terms of culture, religion, and languages because of its role as a trading hub.

Overview of Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city that has everything for the family. Singapore has been heralded as one of the expensive cities to visit in Asia especially for dining accommodations. Despite the expensive rates of the city Singapore is surprisingly easy to navigate with its efficient MRT lines and Bus lines.

What to Expect with the Weather

Singapore is an island in a tropical zone so expect high humidity all year round.

Transportation in Singapore

The Changi Airport Singapore is one of the best airports in the world and quire frankly it is also a destination to visit in its own right.

Singapore has a highly developed and world class public transportation infrastructure. You can be in the city centre from Changi International Airport within 30 minutes with only one train transfer in between.

Moving around Singapore is easy because of the multilingual signages and helpful help desk that dot their train stations and popular tourist spots.