Our Gear

You have reached our equipment page, not exactly the cutting edge but we make do with our talent. Here we post on how we put together everything from shooting, post production and publishing to just in case you want your own travel blog we can help you out.

Our Photography Equipment:


Being on a budget means having certain limits, like the weight limit for handcarry so you have to be picky of what you need to bring.

  1. Nikon D5100 – Our primary shooter. Aside from being the best camera we own it is Versatile and reliable. We are not blessed with unlimited luggage so we have to pack only one camera in most our international travels. Having a reliable camera is a must, you don’t want to be caught with a malfunction overseas, with the Nikon D5100 we are confident that it will take the shot in the most crucial moments.
  2. Lenses – If your just an amateur photographer like me then the basic will do. covering the  18-300 mm focal length will satisfy all your needs. When traveling on a budget you don’t really have a choice for expensive lenses but investing the right camera gear will also yield its own rewards.
  3. Phone Cameras –  With our phones usually within arms reach and usually takes just a millisecond the prep it has become one of the important photographic gears to have, even with the technological advancement with phones and it almost being toe to toe with point and shoots it is still not a replacement for a DSLR but it is handy to have around while traveling. A Phone is not a phone camera without the beloved selfie stick.
  4. Flashes , Tripods and other gears – Despite having an assortment of flashes and tripods, we rarely bring them on our trips with air travel, being that the tripod is an exclusive checked in baggage item, it is also cumbersome when your schedule is too mobile but it is a must if you plan on landscape photography. Our flashes rarely leave home mainly due to space constraint but having one around is great.