About erra


According to Ish, I’m the first and last person you see in the company and the person you don’t want to see in between 🙂

Haha, Hi I’m Erra, currently working as an HR Specialist in a BPO company. With a still-in-progress career and a so-so pay check; travelling could be a bit hard but I’ve always believed that everything is possible and since I’ve already caught this chronic wanderlust that fuelled my desire to travel and explore the world, despite the hindrances; a little hard work, persistence, and planning skills made it possible for me to juggle and balance work, travel, and everything in between.

Travelling for me, is the best way to spend money without regretting anything because you might lose some of your savings or half of your pay check; in return, you’d also be gaining experience, life lessons and lots of memories you’d treasure for life – and that definitely won’t depreciate nor be stolen.

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