Nikon D5100 Review

Our trusty Nikon D5100, purchased on 2011 during my budding year as a photographer it is still alive and doing well today, 6 years on, it still can compete with the latest entry level cameras, minus the new bells and whistles the new d5500 has like wifi connectivity, bigger swivel “touch screen” , faster processor and more sensitive sensors and a wide array of Auto Focus points.


It is a good all rounder. Great at taking photo with it’s small size and light weight. It can take great video’s as well, with it’s swivel screen it gives you the ability to take great shots at unusual angles.

What I learned from traveling is that the compact the Camera the better, lounging full frame cameras or with battery grips is really impractical if your schedule is jam packed you’ll be more busy tending to the “expensive Camera” and its equally if not more “expensive” lens than actually enjoying the travel. Having all your gear present is great but having them all in a small boat around humid tropical weather is not so good. The more mobile you are the better chances you get in snapping the perfect travel picture, so ditch the cumbersome camera backpack and just a medium sized bag. The less things you have, the less you have to worry about.