5 things you should have on a flight.

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Most of us look forward to our destination and rarely do we think about the flight in between. For some, it is just a short one-hour hop, most a three-hour joy ride, and some a six-hour ordeal. regardless if you’re by a window or by the aisle, first class or economy we are all in the same boat, or plane, literally and figuratively, probably metaphorically too.

Aside from the obvious things you need to bring, like your passport, plane ticket, and boarding pass, there are some things you should bring and should have to make your flight a bliss. Sure staring outside the plane windows does help pass the time but when you get higher up, staring at the clouds just becomes too monotonous, and worse at night, staring at the strobe lights is just too exhausting.

Well, the cell phone doesn’t need to be on the list, we’ll bring it anyway, even to places we shouldn’t and power banks are kind of iffy, some places you can take in flight and others don’t. A pocketbook is always a classic, (pun intended).

  1. A Jacket or Hoodie: Most of us forget how cold an airplane cabin could be, regardless if you are traveling to a tropical country, or to snow-capped mountains, you definitely will fill the temperature upon boarding.
  2. A neck Scarf: A neck scarf is more than just a fashion statement, it is a versatile multi-tool. Its uses are but are limited to, an improvised eye mask, and an improvised air filter apparatus, you can use it as a shawl or a towel, your creativity is the limit, and calling it just a scarf is an understatement.
  3. Water bottle: The water bottle is a bit tricky, you need to keep in mind that Airport security does not allow any liquids on the plane so you have to keep in mind to empty the water bottle when you in the process of checking in or before entering the pre-departure lodge. Airports have water fountains in pre-departure lodges and you can fill it up from there or if you are on board the plane ask your friendly flight crew to fill your water bottle for you.
  4. Headphones: Traveling alone or in a group you need your own personal bubble and nothing enforces a state of self-isolation than a pair of headphones. Sitting close quarters to a friend after a long trip is taxing enough how much more with a complete stranger and nothing projects personal space than your own bubble of music.
  5. Travel Guides/ Local Map: Okay we all have our smartphones and Ipads, who needs a map anyway? well, with our smartphones and Ipad taking the brunt on our flight as our entertainment hub, it is certain that you’ll be conserving power most of the time. You don’t want to be lost because your smartphone’s battery died, so having a real physical Map and travel guide is a must even in our digital age.

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