Road trip? Plan it.


It’s hump day and half of the week is over, nothing makes the weekend more exciting than a well planned road trip. Road trips can be days long and they could be short but regardless of where your destination is a well thought of plan is always the best way to go. So living in an island really narrows down your route, well this segment is just about how to plan for a short road trip in cebu.

Planning a road trip is pretty easy, with respect to the size of our island, it’s either up north or round south, up the mountains or down the beaches and it’s pretty straight forward if you don’t want to spend the night on your destination but anything that takes you more than 3 hours away from the city a sleep over would be great otherwise you’d be more on driving than taking a short vacation.

The Planning Stage:

  1. Know who you are travelling with. A road trip could be with your friends, your group from work or family members and knowing who you are going with is paramount to effective planning. Travelling involves being out of your comfort zones and that means people attitudes tend to go unchecked depending on how far you push them away from their zone so it’s best to travel to a destination that is generally within their threshold of beyond comfort.  Let’s face it, you can’t please everyone and compromising too much may ruin the trip. An example with be half of your friends wants to go to the beach and the other half to the mountains so you compromise and end up not going to your planned destination
  2. Know your destination. So you already know who are going with and chances are, you probably have the same objective. Having an object for your trip allows you pick the destinations that can truly make the trip more worthwhile. If your into canyoneering then you can focus on the top spots for that activity, if you want to lounge in the beach , go island hopping or just enjoy the road trip itself. Knowing what the road trips is for calibrates everyone’s expectations and mindset
  3. Money.This can make or break your trip. Planning of how much the trip cost and how much each member needs to contribute must be decided because how much funds that you can pool determines your itinerary, accommodations and basically if your trip can be possible or not. Decide before hand on the breakdown of the budget for the fuel, food, accommodations and extra expenses that you might need
  4. How to get there: Well basically a basic requirement of a road trip is having a car, not all of us are blessed with vans or SUVs so there are plenty available for rent with or without a driver but this will significantly increase your budget making sure everyone fits on the same vehicle can be great as it can be fun but having too much people in one car can be exhausting and inconvenient and pretty much ruin the entire trip. Having a set of protocols if you are on a convoy will really make it more convenient, Assign who is the lead car, assign the designated driver and the roles of each member. It is important that all decisions for the group are communicated properly to avoid misunderstandings.

So these are the basic steps that you need to take into account when planning for a road trip. It is pretty straight forward. So happy motoring and travel wanderously.

by: ishmael Fusilero

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