Must have Accessories for your Iphone 5s.

iPhone 5s, selfie stick, lens kit and mini-tripod.

The iPhone 5s was once the cutting edge of cellphone photography during 2013 and taught us that it wasn’t just about the megapixels that make a camera great. The iPhone 5s  with its 8-megapixel camera was able to match against its contender the Samsung Galaxy S4 equipped with a 13-megapixel camera. I’ve owned the Samsung S4 for 4 years and just had the 5s for just 6 months and I can tell immediately that the 5s is better at taking photos while on the go.

The iPhone just takes photos faster, focuses faster and better at dim light. Apple was able to support the iPhone 5s with OS updates from IOS 7 up to IOS 10 and possibly IOS 11, however, Samsung stopped rolling out updates for the s4 years ago and stopped to android 5.0.1 (lollipop) from android 4.0 (jellybean). The differences in software enabled the 5s to leapfrog the s4 even though it had better hardware, however, given the right conditions and enough daylight and time the Samsung S4 will take better photos than the 5s but while on the go the iPhone is just faster.

Fast track to 2017 the debate still rages on with the iPhone 7 and the Samsung s8 and pitted against the current flagships the 8 megapixel camera just feels lacking and frankly out of the league and that’s just the primary camera and if we talk about the secondary camera the 1.2 megapixel camera it is just blown out of the water.

Hold on to your iPhone 5s because there is still fight left in it. We certainly can’t upgrade the Camera on the phone but there are accessories that will give it a fighting chance with today’s hype such as 180 degree or 360-degree photos (Panorama is so 90’s) , Wide angle selfies, Dual Camera, and filters.

Here are the 3 basic must-haves for your iPhone and you don’t need to break your bank too, they are cheap and really easy to find.

  1. The Selfie Stick:  Selfies are so much better with a selfie stick and there is a plethora of selfie sticks out there that is affordable but bear in mind that there is a saying that is always true , “you get what you pay for” and do you really want to risk your expensive phone just make a quick saving on a dirt cheap selfie stick? Buy one that is rugged and have sturdy locks. Ours even has a Bluetooth remote.
  2. A mini-tripod: Sunsets are great but Camera’s with our caliber is just terrible at low light, even DSLRs need tripods during lowlight, so investing in a mini-tripod is a must, not only are they great for low light pictures they are also great for Pano shots, ehem, 180/360 degree photos. Our Selfie Stick can be attached to our mini-tripod making it a bipod.
  3. Clip-on lens set: well our camera phones aren’t really designed for this so you can’t expect much from the lenses but with enough practice, you’ll get results, I was a pessimist for lens clips but I gave it a try anyway and they do yield great photos to some extent. The lens set includes a telephoto zoom lens, Macro lens and wide angle and all three do work.

Having these accessories does give you an edge and gives you an added flexibility to photos you are able to take but don’t forget to live the moment and enjoy your travel. Focus more on what you can see that your camera’s LCD screen because it is not the photos that you took but the experiences you had when you traveled.  So travel Wanderously….

iPhone 5s attached to our mini-tripod. (this photo is taken with our s4, see how bad it is on low light even with a lamp on)

PS: we are accepting donations for an iPhone 7 or Samsung S8 so we can make a review…. hahahaha….and compare our 5s with the IP7 or s8.

By: ishmael Fusilero

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